Internet Safety Tips for Middle Schoolers by a Middle Schooler

middle School Internet Safety TipsAbout the guest author:   Liam is in 7th grade in middle school and does very well there. He is a soon to be 13 year old young man who enjoys sports including baseball, basketball and he’s an avid skier. Liam also likes his video games and exploring the internet like most 12 year olds. He was given a class assignment to put together his top ten internet safety tips for middle schoolers and he has offered to share those tips here.


Top Ten Internet Safety Rules
That Every Middle School Student Should Follow

  1. You should never give out personal information like your name, phone number, or address.
  2. Never talk to anyone who has made you feel scared or uncomfortable.
  3. Never agree to meet someone in person you have never met in person. People online aren’t always who they say they are.
  4. Always tell your parents if a person online makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable.
  5. Never go to any websites that could be inappropriate or contain non-age appropriate content.
  6.  Don’t fall for ad traps. If an ad says you can win a free iPad it is probably a trick to get personal info or install a virus into your computer.
  7. Don’t put anything on the internet you aren’t ok with everyone who ever uses the internet seeing.
  8. Never give out a password over the internet. People can use it, change things, and gain your personal information you don’t want anybody to know.
  9. Be careful of what you put on the internet. Once you put it up people can copy it, read it and even alter it. People can even use what you said to find out where you are and even break into your house when they know you’re not home.
  10.  Always ask your parents before downloading an application. It could be a virus.


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