New, Larger TV’s Still a Serious Hazard Warns UL

TV Safety TipsThe dangers of tipping furniture and televisions remains a serious concern for the safety organization Underwriter Laboratories. Over the last decade an average of 25 toddlers are killed each year from furniture tipping and falling on them according to statistics from the CPSC, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission . The largest contributor is still the home television. Curious toddlers climb and pull on televisions and large furniture pieces. If these are not properly tethered or secured, the toddler is able to bring the television or cabinet past it’s tipping point and onto the small child. This is far more common of an occurrence than most realize with an average hospital stay of 9 days from these injuries. Today’s flat tv’s, although lighter than older sets, tip easier and are generally larger than the older box type. Serious injuries or even death can still result for these televisions.

There are some important steps that should be made to protect your children at home. Please follow the guidelines and suggestions below to improve the safety of the tv’s in your home.

  • Check the stability of your televisions and larger furniture pieces.
  • Be sure tv’s are on low profile, proper sized bases.
  • Set the television as far back on the stand as possible.
  • Tie up and secure loose cords out of the reach of children.
  • keep tables, chairs,etc away from the television. These give the opportunity and temptation to climb.
  • Use tv straps and furniture brackets 
  • install extra wide safety gates to section off the television area
  • Follow manufactures installation instructions
  • Check for the UL Mark when purchasing mounting hardware to signify that the equipment has been tested for safety
The dangers of falling televisions is often an overlooked hazard in home. Please follow the manufactures installation instructions and added safety measures. Straps and brackets can be found at My Precious Kid. Another overlooked idea is to simply keep the kids away from the tv. Using JPMA safety gates. There are extra wide baby gates  at The Keep Safe Company.
To learm more, please visit the Underwriters Laboratories home safety website at
Keep safe, Always!

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