Top of Stairs Baby Gate Tips

Top of Stairs Baby Gate TipsTop of Stairs Baby Gate

Once your baby becomes mobile one of your biggest concerns is falls. About 2.3 million children are treated in hospitals annually from fall related injuries and ½ of these are children under 5 years old. The little ones love to explore and try new things with complete abandon for safety. You simply can’t keep your eyes on her all the time. One of the most dangerous and hazardous areas in your home is the stairs. Even a small set of stairs only a couple treads high can be very hazardous. Your best protection against stairs falls is a stairs baby gate. Many people will use a standard baby gate in this situation. There are safety gates specifically designed to be used as a stair baby gate.

There are a few things you want to look for in a safe baby gate to be used at the top of a stairway. The gate should span the entire opening and be securely mounted to the wall and/or newel post on both sides. There are extensions and additional mounting hardware available for proper stairway safety gates. Pressure fit gates are simply not designed for stair use. The gate should be a swinging baby gate and not fixed. You do not want to have to climb over a gate, especially near an open stairway and possible carrying a child. The door of the safety gate should open and auto close easily for an adult but be able to baffle the cleverest of children. The safety gate for the stairs should only open away from the open stairway. A gate that opens over the stairway is hazardous to the child as well as an adult using it.

  • Top of Stairs Baby GateNot all gates are made for top of stairs
  • Spans entire opening
  • Swings open
  • Secured to the railing and wall studs
  • Follow manufactures instructions
  • One at the top and another at the bottom
  • Easy open and auto closing
  • Away for climb over items (furniture, etc.)

Shop around for a quality gate that’s designed for use as a top of stairs gate and put some thought into the location and mounting of your stairs baby gate. With a little forethought and common sense your child can be kept safe from the hazards of stairway falls.

Keep Safe, Always?


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